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Jacques Massu

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 Image sourced from Wikipedia. French Fourth Republic. CC BY 3.0 Created on 19th October 1959. [online] Available at: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/jacques-massu-offizier-f-general-der-fallschirmj%C3%A4ger-um-news-photo/541775269#jacques-massu-0505190826102002offizier-f-general-der-fallschirmjger-picture-id541775269 [last accessed 09/03/18]


Jacques Emile Massu, born 5 May 1908, was a French general who fought for France in every major battle since WWI. General Massu reached the height of his career in WWII when in 1940 he followed General Charles de Gaulle's call to resist the pro-Nazi Vichy government in France. 

In 1956, Massu led French troops to victory in the battle of the Algiers, a pivotal point in the war that led to Algeria's independence from France. Massu openly admits to using torture during the course of the Algerian war and stated that, although he regrets it now, it was the only way they could get the Algerians to do as the French wanted.  

His involvement in the 1968 riots was minimal, yet critical. When president Charles de Gaulle 'disappeared' on 30 May, it emerged that he had escaped to Baden Baden in Germany where General Massu was stationed as head of the French army. There, de Gaulle approached Massu in order to ask for his backing during the demonstrations and to request possible army intervention if necessary. Massu agreed to this and managed to talk de Gaulle into returning to France in order to face the crisis head on.  

When Massu died on 26 October 2002, he was praised by president Jacques Chirac for his bravery and courage in admitting that he was involved in the torture of thousands of Algerians.  





Writer unknown, Jacques Massu Dies at 94. Published by The Washington Post. Published 28 October 2002. [online] Available at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/2002/10/28/jacques-massu-dies-at-94/81d8d865-fb6e-4e5c-8b08-43cfe7456e1a/?utm_term=.4817d3214ca9 


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